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be back tomorrow. see you then. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ welcome to reverse "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, should taxpayers foot the bill for a convicted killer's sex change? some say yes, but -- wait, some say yes? and will wal-mart employees strike on black friday? the story i will be following from a great distance. people all kind of cary on black friday. and the voice behind elmo resigns after a second man accuses him of underage sex. oh resigns and not resigns. >> not much of a story now. >> two words that are spelled the same and mean kind of exactly the opposite.
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don't like that. >> i guess still can't get used to this new set. >> that was my line. you can tell because it said comma greg after it. i was going to say still can't get used to the new said, greg. which is an odd thing for you to say since you are in fact greg. >> the set used to be beck's set. >> it is a delight. >> no, it is haunted. it is haunted by its founders. >> i feel like it is lonely and in the prompter and and expectedded it to be read. >> get him away from the show! he does this to me every time. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that van halen's "hot for teacher" is now called hot for lori rothman. i am here with fox business network anchor lori roth man. i hope it is the bad lori roth man. and he is funnier than a woopie cushion with clown eyes. he is wearing an awesome suit of the and in norway, he is
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considered a clam. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and she is so sharp that cheese serves her at wine parties. that's a stretch. right next to me is columnist and author jedediah be law. bila. >> thanks for clearing that up. should they trouble with her stubble? well, a judge in massachusetts , is there any other kind, has ruled he won't order more hair removal treatments for a transgender inmate. quite attractive, actually. she sued after her electrolysis regimen was stopped claiming the prison sis stomp was stoping her -- sis stomp was stoping her transition from male to female. she grows a full beard in days and the department of correction showed inference to her serious medical needs. in september, the convicted killer won a court order for a
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taxpayer-funded sex change. the judge called it the only way to treat her gender identity disorder. but now that surgery has been put on hold until the state appeals its ruling. for more let's go live to the chief legal correspondent. that's some pretty stupid legal correspondent. either that or drunk. stupid drunk pig. lori, are you a woman. >> last i checked. >> growing a beard is causing her anguish. should the state let her keep up the hair removal treatment? >> here is the thing. obviously not in favor of tax taxpayer-funded treementd. but you have to go the distance. it is not a-la cart. you can't choose boobs or hair. the person is entitled to the full sex change. >>en tights telled. entitled. that's not word that bothers me. >> i am not in favor of the
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taxpayer-funded sex change. >> if you are doing it though, you can do it all the way. >> you can get cheaper airy mofl through waxing. >> i would hate for her to have to go through that in prison. it is not like she is there for punishment for anything like murder. she was convicted of killing her wife, yet we pay for her surgery. does this not make sense? or does it make not sense? >> they say if you read the whole thing she is down -- or he, i never know how to refer, is down to the part where they can shave and get the same results, so hello? what is wrong with that? i know they aren't allowed theyo something. >> i see the epi lady things. they work wonderfully in my problem areas. my entire body is a problem area. jedediah knows when she walked in on me.
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is this cruel and unusual punishment? >> no. this is ridiculous. i spent the entire panel -- i didn't hear what anyone said because i was trying to blame barack obama for this. i wasn't terribly successful. this is a killer. th is a murderer. why are we paying for his/her electrolysis. shave those babies up. wax it. >> this is why we need a solution to the fiscal cliff. >> it comes down to the fiscal cliff. government spending. it is part of the sequestration. >> this is the whisker cliff. >> i am not sure sex change operation is part of the sequestration. >> there was a joke on that phrase, but i will let it pass. >> you can think of one? >> i did. bill, are you naturally hairless which is envied by all. >> he actually got a goatee that is all filled in today. >> thanks for noticing.
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it is here for all to see. >> looks like you like took an oreo cookie and crumbled it in a bowl and then put your face in it and then went like this. and then you say i just made a goatee out of oreo cookie crumbles. >> and i got a lot of carbs in me as well. >> do you have any comments on the story? >> there is a dividing line. unlike what lori said so uneducationally wise. >> what is that word? >> i minored in grammar. there is a difference. if you are a transgender i believe they are called, there is a difference between the ornamental and the fundamental. female genitalia that is fundamental to being a woman. hairless is not -- that is ornamental. there are many hairy women out there. some cultures applaud it. >> that's true. >> we are talking about a bearded woman. why go through the whole procedure if you are left with that? >> have you been to a carni? she can make money doing
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this. >> she is in jail. she can't go there. >> she can go on leave. >> where do you get your facts? >> she does not need this. when she is done call me. the rest she needs. >> you will date anyone even if they are a convicted murderer. remember that show we used to watch when we were young called "scared straight"? now we live in a world where everyone is "scared sensitive." we are too scared to say no you can't have this surgery. you are a convicted murderer, and maybe you shouldn't have the right to the surgery even though you suffer from a disorder because we all suffer from some kind of disorder, don't we? >> guilty. >> you suffer from shiny suit disorder. >> why can't we play for my grandmother's mustache? my grandmother killed nobody.
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>> it encouraged your grandmother to commit a crime so she will go in jail and get the free mustache removal. >> for what it is worth, i think this case is on appeal, right? >> i didn't read the whole thing. >> it is not a done deal. >> the judge's name is wolf which is ironic because he would never go for hair removal. he nexted it. >> and the reason they justify it is because they say these people are hazards to themselves . they #r* psychologically impaired because of the waxing and the manis and the pedis. >> but also she is still in a men's prison. after she does all of this stuff, she is in a men's prison. hairy or not hairy she is still the pick of the litter in that place. >> from prisoners to protest, they were giving the bird instead of eating one. yes, it was a symbolic screw you to turkey day or thanksgiving. on monday an american indian student group at the university of virginia, i didn't know they had one in virginia, good for you,
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virginia. hosted an anti-thanksgiving potluck dinner to discuss the holiday from a native american spur tech tiff. but really it was a feast for lovers of controversy like me. the editor of the school newspaper says, quote, they think by doing events that put down what people understand to be modern america's realization of the american dream and the american story is a way to raise awareness of the less glamorous parts of america's history. that's frankly not true. meanwhile meditating cat has managed to block out the controversy. >> was that its tail? thank god. jedediah, i know you are -- i need to ask you a question. does this accomplish anything other than make the student union feel like they have accomplished something? it doesn't have anything to do with education.
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it has to do with feeling. >> it has to do with diversity. i am someone who always says campuses lean left. they ban ann coulter. if you are -- you are going to meet a conservative and talk about diversity and then you say well everything is allowed. let these people speak their mind. you can hold something in opposition to it on campus, but the problem is that campuses oftentimes only allow things when they are convenient. >> a very good point. >> what do you make of this? are we ever going to get tired of these weird protests? >> it is ridiculous. i heard potluck dinner and i heard marijuana and gambling. >> that's a great idea. a place called potluck. >> how many college mascots have had to change because of the political correctness? now they are big green which is a giant booger i believe. >> and people are -- i am irish and my favorite team is
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notre dame. our leprechaun with the fist. you are a trojan hello, schwing. frankly i don't know how to follow the kitty porn cat thing. >> we can't call it porn, all right? that was kitty meditation. >> kitty yoga. >> i was disgusted by it. that was just -- i have a problem with it. lori, you are going to l.a. through the holidays. ji tomorrow. >> i don't care. >> i am just trying to start a question. your answer means nothing to me. >> i can't believe you are going to let him continue like this. >> i am her ally. >> do you even celebrate thanksgiving where are you going? >> i know we are a bunch of fruits and nuts, but we do celebrate thanksgiving. >> i was watching the charlie brown thanksgiving special, the one from many, many years ago, not the one where lucy swipes the football -- >> i thought it was the one where she swipes the
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football. >> i thought she was specific about that. thank god she pointed that out. are you getting to a point here? >> so i am all in favor of reexam -- reexamining history. >> it is a tick. >> i hate that of all of the holidays to reexamine and they are not the ones to reexamine. in the charlie brown special it reminds us it is the pilgrims who suffered and squanto was in great shape and had this relationship with english hunters already. it wasn't until later on we decimated them. not me. i am jewish. >> snoopy decimated the indians? >> after. >> which soup kitchen will you and your hobos be working at? >> i will be working at a soup
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kitchen and then be stealing the food. >> if they want to do it, go ahead. i don't like that they understand what americans do on thanksgiving. it is not a fun thing. we are talking about the american dream. you over eat and you sweat turkey. you are around a bunch of people you don't want to talk to, you don't even want to be around. you are watching bad football. i am talking about the shelter and not the schulzs. can't wait to see you, mom. nobody is happy. it is not like you are saying no more indians for us. let's cheer. everyone is miserable. leave us to our devises. >> do you have plans for thanksgiving? >> we are going to my sister's. she is bringing something i hate, her children. that will be fun. >> is it close to manhattan? >> no, rhode island. >> so i could probably get there in an hour or so? >> you will pass an indian casino on the way there. >> i might stop. i have no plans at all. >> excellent.
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>> reading your book. >> or go to the west coast and have a tofu turkey. >> you don't want to be anywhere near her family. it is disgusting, tiny, rotten people. from giving thanks to a bunch of pranks. they are actually my vies. my size. move on .org is encouraging people to i'm stop a black friday ban. they have long hated the unionizing of the over 1 million workers. recently sent an e-mail to supporters say on black friday and throughout the holiday season we are standing up for an end to the retaliation of workers to speak out what is right for families already board by this. wal-mart accuses the union bosses of openly orchestrating and promoting the mass dice ropings -- to the mass disruption. all of this raises the question how many chin chill
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laws can fit in one shoe? well, the answer is more than one and less than three. i will let you figure that out. tom, is pissing off customers on the busiest shopping day of the year the best way to make your point? >> no, and in the spirit of political correctness that was a moccassin and it is not a shoe. how about friday of color? and george sorros, he is made of money, he is a left wing billionaire which is an oxymoron, and why he would want people in this economy to not work on any day is crazy. >> it is crazy. it is nuts. employers usually encourage
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you to go on strike. not really a question. just wondering why you are here. >> i think if this election taught us anything it is the billionaires on both sides even each other out. it is an even playing field. all of the right wing billionaires funded so much into romney. he was where obama was at with the left wingers who funded him. i'm sure the coke brothers will talk wal-mart into not hiring anybody and then out source them. and then they come together in the middle. >> i will side with the coke brothers because they are american. everyone knows it is the hang gave yen doctrine to destroy america. doing it from within. >> you took my talking point. >> i am sitting in bowling seats. >> you were grimacing. >> this is not about billionaire versus
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billionaire. >> it is always billionaire versus billionaire! >> he was the one encouraging the wal-mart workers to join this union and wal-mart is the largest employer and one of the biggest companies. it is important because they moved out their date to before the end of the year. you don't have to pay the taxes, and that is significant. it will save you a lot of money. they are the biggest hirers. >> i follow that. they hire a lot of people. >> and wal-mart has a bad reputation. they always blow them off. they were so big and powerful. that's really what it is. >> they want it unionized, and they want the deuce money to funnel it into left wing candidates, and we can get more left wing candidates than beat up capitalism. >> and they are using their clouds and desperate to fill their coffers.
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>> can we focus on something i still understand? they still sell boxes of chef boy ardie. >> the best thing about wal-mart, it is a great place to go when you lost your luggage. you just get all of this stuff. fresh underwear, packs of a hundred. >> at 3:00 in the morning. >> it is fantastic. >> and they allow you if you are in a winnebago to stay at wal-mart. if you are traveling across the country, you are welcome to park there and stay there. they know they will get your business. you can empty your port a potty right there. it is a great pick up joint. >> you know what else you can buy there? >> coffins. >> very morbid. >> but it is another media uh daption of david and goliath. coming up, should democrats be turned into livestock feed? jedediah bila discusses her new book, how to fix america.
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first, what did paul mccartney say about thanksgiving? i don't know. i will ask him when i get home.
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it is a plea for mccartney to have a heartney. sir paul mccartney has urged people to turn down turkey this thanksgiving. he has man breasts. the long-time vegetarian and apparently musician in the well-known band wing is featured in an ad wearing an eat no turkey t-shirt. says peta, this thanksgiving paul mccartney is urging you to say no thanks to turkey and yes to a delicious cruelty free holiday meal of the instead they suggest viable alternatives like vegetable puree and delicious, delicious human flesh. in the turtle tank.
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see they can eat goldfish. why can't we eat meet? >> that is a t-shirt. >> a lot of work. >> tom, tom, tom. peta claims 45 million turkeys are consumed at thanksgiving. bad thing? good thing? >> great thing, protein. >> and carbohydrates. >> paul mccartney, like his ex-wife, has not a leg to stand on. >> that was terrible. >> but, i did. >> i will leave that in because i will condemn it. >> it is a man who doesn't want you to be cruel, yet did a duet with stey vee -- stevie wonder called "ebony and ivory" something stevie wonder never saw. the leer ricks "someone knocking on the door. somebody let him in."
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that is crew. >> so he offended amputees and blind people in one joke. we are not even to the halfway point of the show. >> he didn't offend reg stair yens though. vegetarians. >> jedediah, is mccartney a good spokesperson? >> i used to be a vegetarian, i have to say. >> i think i remember you telling me that. >> i have a dark secret. you know what brought me back to eating meet? turkey on thanksgiving. paul mccartney is paul mccartney. he thinks he is out there talking about a cause he believes in. i don't think it will make too much of a difference. >> you know what though, he is not a good spokesman because he is being to look like angela landsbury. >> and it looks like he did have work done, but it wasn't great work done. gite most certainly. >> it was work done on a dare in a prison. you want some cheek bones?
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i don't know tiny. >> he needs to find a new cause. you associate him more with being a vegetarian more than his music. >> i think he picked it up from his last wife -- no his first wife. >> from linda for sure. >> you know why his plastic surgery look bad? he and alec baldwin and donald trump share one thing in common and one thing only. i will show you. they purse their -- it is the most -- when ever you see alec baldwin he is doing this. >> true. >> and when donald trump does something he goes like this. classy this, classy this. and -- and mccartney started it. if you go to any of his singles -- go to his singlal -- single albums. mccartney is trying to sell an album that is not that great and he goes -- it is like he is trying to whistle, but he is surprised too. stop it! you are 70. >> by the way, his band was
12:26 am
called wings which was indirectly responsible for killing turkeys. >> that's a stretch. >> are you a stretch. i would like to stretch you. >> you are not the first one to say that. >> oh! >> i mean, in a pilates class. i am a huge fan of pilates. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and do you have a video of your animal doing something not sick? go to our website. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. almost ruined the show. tonight's half time show is brought to you by clown olympics. featuring events like clown shoe funny race and funny diverge. thank you, clown olympics.
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let's see if we got anything wrong so far. >> i drew on my face. >> on purpose? >> there is a hair growing out of it too. >> are you a disgusting person. >> there is a fake mole. go to massachusetts. >> how is the set? >> the set is okay. i will miss it when i go on my book tour. this is the last time you are going to see me. i will be going through those gulf states. go to g and find out where i am going to be.
12:31 am
jay i already know where you are -- >> i already know where are you going to be. as glen beck would say, america. >> i sometimes can't tell if you are talking to me or america. >> not just on the show. >> i noticed that. >> well, that's because america happens to be my assistant. >> should taxpayers pay for the sex change. >> you are not in favor of the sex changes, but if you are going to do it -- i was all set to be outraged and then i noticed something. the original name, he changed it to michelle when he changed genders. given how easy it would have been to go with roberta it shows commitment. >> that is an interesting take. are you saying you agree with me that you have to go the
12:32 am
distance? >> i kind of do. i think this gal is for real. >> she is the real deal. >> i think she says come saturday she is on -- andrea. >> i will be -- >> what would your transgender name be? >> cleopatra levey. >> not that i ever thought about it. >> that goes with your cat. >> it kind of does. >> are you going to be a cat lady by the time you are 60. >> it is entirely possible. >> that is not true. it is several times. >> jedediah, you said this person is a killer. why are we paying for this? in all seriousness, the judge ruled surgery was the only way to treat his gender identity disorder which is a recognized clinical diagnosis.
12:33 am
>> that's true. but i still have a problem with taxpayer-funded electrolysis. i just can't get behind that. taxpayer funded mani and pedi. i don't want to pay for it. i am broke. i don't want to pay for the electrolysis. >> are you willing to concede as i am if you try to castrate yourself twice as robert did you seriously have a gender identity disorder or you are willing to do anything to fool people. either way it is like, you get it. >> i do agree with you there. definitely somebody that needs to be taken seriously. >> greg. >> i was trying to make the viewers think that was her hand. >> what are you doing? it is like charades over here. >> are you making viewers think your right hand is her left hand. she needs hand reassign meant surgery. >> i was trying to time the movements and make it look
12:34 am
like she was -- i am all for transgender surgery. is that weird? >> a little bit. >> are you going out, jedediah? >> sure, why not? >> you would make great baby-sitters. >> not you, the guys at the table. >> i know, not really. tom, you said are you never sure how to refer to a transgender, he, she. i think the maim michelle would be your tip. >> great at you. >> cleo. >> ms. cleo, thank you very much. >> i miss ms. cleo. >> she was fantastic. university of virginia outrage potluck. i saw that on saturday in brooklyn. it was a bro-step thing. it was like an ambien house trans.
12:35 am
not bad at all. jedediah, you said let these people speak their mind. >> you had to make me out to be the bad guy, andy. there is no way to get a coherent thought out. i don't even know what he is doing. >> are you really adamant with those hands. >> let people speak their minds. just ignore them. >> lori, you said of all of the holidays to examine, if i am not mistaken you based solely on its charlie brown tv show. >> it was fresh in my mind. >> okay. >> i was a history major in college. >> all right. >> bill, you said thanksgiving you were around a bunch of people you don't want to be around. aren't you going to see your parents? >> i was speaking of other people. i am lucky i am leaving the
12:36 am
people i don't want to see to see my wonderful family. >> i i wanted you to have a chance to clear that up. >> thank you, you are always looking out for my family. >> greg, the american union student union told the nbc uh affiliate, it doesn't want anybody to feel guilty. it just wants him to see it from a native american perspective. what is wrong with that, my friend. >> nothing. >> i couldn't gin up any -- >> two can play at this game, greg. >> only one can. >> i seem to have a scratch on my thigh. >> hold on, switch.
12:37 am
>> that was my leg, lori. >> what is wrong with you. >> i just want to know as the daily caller notes, while george was a major contributor to one of move on's political organizations more than six years ago he does not appear connected to the current wal-mart protest. jedediah, you said move on and if the union gets more dues we can fund more candidates which i don't doubt is partially true. i do want to point out that one of the organizations heavily involved in these calls for a strike, they are called organization for respect at wal-mart or our wal-mart for short. they said they goal is not union news -- unionized. among the things on their list which they call their declaration for respect, quote, provide wages and benefits that ensure no wal-mart associate has to rely
12:38 am
on government assistance. what a bunch of commis. >> if that was true, but i have my doubts. i am a little suspicious. >> paul mccartney doesn't want us to eat turkey on thanksgiving. >> paul, let it be. you can tell i had nothing on this story. greg, i did notice you said mccartney is responsible for people eating meat because in the band wings. >> also the beatle. >> they are insects. peer don't like insects. >> some people eat them. >> by the i what, the first person to use a turkey. they would taste good. vultures would taste good. >> i don't need them. >> i do. those years of living in the desert.
12:39 am
bill was good as pre tbding to be -- pretending to be road kill. >> won't even -- wouldn't even take it out of the head. and sometimes he would frighten a cowboy. >> bye. >> coming up, do squirrels make good pets? lori roth man will discuss her latest book. what is next for all of us really.
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will anyone shed a tear for a fallen puppetear? the voice of elmo is no mo. kevin clash resigned after a second underaged man accused him of sex. they met years ago when he was 15 and clash was 32.
12:43 am
clash coaxed him into sex. he is now suing for $5 million. said the show, this is a sad day for "sesame street." earlier this month another man accused clash of having sex with him when he was sick teen when when -- which clash denied. he recan'ted his claim and then recan'ted his recan station saying he was pressured in it. let's discuss in this -- in the -- >> lightning roooouuuunnndd. lightning round. >> lori, you were saying in the greenwood they that give him another chance. >> i was surprised. >> are you so mean. i would never say such a thing. this is disturbing. we had the bbc scandal. i have perfect children and i don't want to take them out of the house. >> if you have kids, you never take them out of the house. >> i will show you pictures of my children. >> you are psychotic. >> you have psychotic because
12:44 am
you have met them and you know it. >> that is not true. >> should we assume all puppetears are sick freaks? >> that is unfair. that is terrible. >> have i to say elmo always creeped me out. something about his voice. >> are you transferring one man's indiscretion into an inanimate action affected his actions. >> how will sesame re-- how will sesame street respond? >> my kids were not allowed on the phone, "thank you." pee wee herman and web this thing. captain gang go riew and mr. grin jeans. >> then you hate our military because there is no way that guy was our captain. >> he was a calf 10.
12:45 am
>> that was false advertising. i have never seen an officer like that in the military. >> he teaches the kids to talk in the third person. >> true, true. >> we see that in the locker room of every sport today, elmos do. they all grew up on "sesame street." >> i don't feel horrible about kevin clash, but face it, he is a multimillionaire. i feel bad for the dudes. they were 16-year-old gay drifters ore whatever you call them for. this died was married and he had a 19-year-old daughter. i feel bad for them. >> bill, finally you had a moral conscience for once. >> it is thanksgiving. a new study finds 25% of women which i believe is half would dump their man if their pet didn't like him. meanwhile 12% of men would do the same. 50% of women claim they say
12:46 am
hello to their cat before anyone else. after which we say stand in front of a mirror and cry. >> jedediah, have you ever dumped a guy because your pet didn't like him? >> yes. em gnaw is a -- emma is a good search of character. that is my puppy. >> i had an excome over. he came over and she threw up on him and that's how i knew i was right to break off with him. >> or she was possessed. >> i am going with he was a terrible person and she knew it. >> if a woman dumps you isn't that a blessing? >> it is, and just as a reminder if the dog doesn't like you wait 10 years.
12:47 am
the dog riel dye quickie loo. >> they want ham it. how do you know they don't live as long as humans ? i. >> like that -- >> i kind of light that bit. you get sick of people and can't them to leave. >> it is the reverse because you want your pet to live forever. >> i like variety. i am a man. i like snakeskin on some weeks and poodles on the other. >> you are terrible. lori, you are a good person. but i said that to get away from the horrible anti-pet i'm. i love animals. have pets become more important in relationships? >> absolutely. i am part of the survey. >> what what inned kind of animal do you have? my girl dauchsund and brutis
12:48 am
because he bites my husband. >> you have a dog named berniese. that's a grandmother's name. >> that is cute. >> what is the name? >> emma. >> just just getting to the bottom of this of the. >> when the sun comes through does it find a special place on the couch. which lick shakes when you get a tickle spot. >> time for a break. don't even think of leaving.
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last topic, a new german study, aren't they all, has found that the hormone oxytocin may help ma nothing muss relationships. men in relationships put a little extra space between them and an attractive woman they just met. and it didn't have the affect on their single counterparts who parked closer to the lovely lady. jedediah, would you make a boyfriend take oxytocin so he
12:53 am
wouldn't cheat? >> if you have to take it to stay ma nothing muss, you suck. you are a bad guy. >> wonder if your pet can tell that. >> tom, as a married man would you take this if it helped to keep from a wondering eye? >> why not -- it is a drug designed by a bitter female chemist of the you are an oxymoron. did you like the pun? if guys have to take this, and i like monogamy. i like it, but i am not good with names. if you have to take this drug, the women should have to take a leg -- a drug called leg spredium. >> that is terrible. >> it is terrible, but he made it better by screwing it up. it endeared him to america.
12:54 am
>> lori, should we get this on the market? >> absolutely not. she should be stud -- studying things? >> if a guy has to take a side product everybody has been looking at for a variety of reasons. >> is that how they discovered viagra. >> it was a hyper thens drug. >> how do you know about that? bill, you dated a guy called objectiony tocin. i believe he was in a dance trough. >> call me. i will just say call me. objectiony tocin if petraeus had taken this he wouldn't be going through the problems he has now. but every troop would be encouraged to hug it out with their enemy. talk things out rather than commit war. i think are you right. i think there may beside
12:55 am
affects here. >> you want your general to be like that, to dominate and to conquer. >> and send e-mails. >> we are running out of time. we will close things out with the -- with tv's andy levy.
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see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern for "the five." coming up tomorrow, tim norton, juliette huddy and andrew clavin. wow. >> back to tv's andy for the post quail wrap up. >> tom, where are you going to be this week? >> rehab i think. >> after this, right? >> i am going to be at stress factory in new brunswick, new jersey. >> excellent.
12:59 am
what nights? >> wednesday, friday and saturday. >> i wouldn't want anyone to show up on thursday. jedediah, what do you have? >> thanksgiving night i am joining sean hannity for a special on corruption. it is going to be cool. while you are eating your turkey or tofurky, tune in. >> that's not nice. i am telling. there will be a football game on. >> i will forgive you. >> what about you? >> i am working a lot after thanksgiving. everyone else, all of the -- all of the a people like you go on vacation and then i have to fill in. i am filling in all over the place. >> in my heart you are an a-person. i am not going to be here tomorrow, but i want everybody to go to g gutfeld and check out the book tour so when i show up at the bookstore i a

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